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The Data Visualization Survey

2020 edition, exploratory analysis
At least $0 a year

At least 0 years of experience

100% respondents

Every year, the Data Visualization Society is running an annual survey with more than 50 questions. The goal is to get insights on socio-demographical features, skills, tools, employment, profession and influencers in the data visualization field.

With the answers of this survey, a contest is organized to reward the best data visualizations in two categories: exploratory and explanatory.

Here is my take for the exploratory category!

persons answered the DVS survey in 2020. Every person is represented as a circle. It is 407 more than last year.

During the survey, people were asked about their salary and
years of experience

You can keep on scrolling to see different groups of respondents.

What about people's gender among respondents?

There were 8.4% who did not mention anything, 51.0% of men, 39.0% of women and 1.6% of non-binary or trans.

In the next parts, we will see that most people avoiding this question do not answer the following.

Repondents were also asked what role could best describe their activity as a data visualizer.

20.2% are independent/freelance outlined in black in the graph.

Regarding their job status, people were asked whether or not they are looking for employment opportunities. 32.7% are currenlty looking for opportunities, 40.1% are not looking for opportunities and 27.2% did not answer this question

And many other insteresting questions were asked about people's nationalities, influencers, time spent on people's job and personal projects. You can access the full dataset and play with the sliders to get insights on salary and years of experience.

about the project

data :: from the DVS Survey
using :: d3.js