Loris Mat

Web Developer &

Data Visualization Designer

I create web applications
for start-ups

Selected Work

Just Bitcoin Trends

Full Stack Web Application

A full stack web application gathering bitcoin prices, news, and trends from Twitter, Reddit and Google, updated live.

Mission: Create a tailored dashboard for cryptocurrency investors to anticipate trends.

vue.js | d3.js | flask

Colors In Film

Conceptual Web Application

A website dedicated to visualize in different ways the colors in movies. Developped in svelte.js with d3.js & p5.js

Mission: Analyse color palettes from movies, and visualize them in alternative ways

d3.js | p5.js | svelte.js

Boston Marathon

Data Visualization

An interactive retrospective of the Boston Marathon, back in 2017, that lets you compare yourself with the best runners in the world.

Mission: exploring 3D graphics to tell a story with data

d3.js | three.js

3 · sin(2t + 1)

3D Graphics Application

A small project to apprehend the power of the Sine function in 3D graphics, developped with WEBGL and three.js

Mission: Analyze performance and scalability within three.js

three.js | vue.js

Just Random Lines

Generative Art

A collection of patterns generated with p5.js. See it as a personal sandbox to share patterns I've recently designed. The website is entirely open source.

Mission: Explore generative art algorithms


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I'm Loris, an independent web developer based in Paris.

I combine data | design | development to tell stories & create interactive experiences.

Self taught coder, I'm always eager to learn new technologies. I mostly build stuff in Python & Javascript with:

d3.js • three.js • p5.js • vue.js • nuxt.js • react.js • next.js • svelte.js • node.js • flask • django


Currently • Freelancer

2018-2021 • Data Scientist @Dataiku
2017 • Analyst @Ubisoft

Featured In

Fast Company, "The Burnout Quiz"Commissioned by 360learning.com
DVS Annual ContestJury Prize for "Among Us"
Offensive OSINT Blog

Selected Clients

FrontPage Data360learningAqualterAguaUniversity of Innsbruck


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