US unemployment in the covid-19 downturn

US unemployment in the covid-19 downturn: exploring the evolution by states with a radial bar chart

You can mouse over the bar chart or the legend to get more details. you can also sort the bar chart by state population, % unemployment in 2020 or change from 2019 to 2020.

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Comparing the unemployment rate in US states: sept 2019 vs. sept 2020.

To be honest, a dumbbell plot would have probably been easier to understand but sometimes, you might want to create unnecessary data viz to explore new tecnics. below is a visualization from alex murrell which inspired me.

Rings can be sorted by state population / % unemployment 2020 / change over the period

data :: over-the-year change in unemployment, by state, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics + population in us states, u.s. census bureau

using :: d3.js
code :: observable

inspired by :: Alex Murrell, the European unemployment in 2011