An interactive retrospective of the 2017 Boston Marathon
April 17th, 2017

Boston is hosting its 121st marathon. 27,222 people are standing behind the starting line, ready to run the 42.195 km's official distance.

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26,410 persons will finish the race, while 812 persons are not included in the results here
Kilometer 10

The first runners arrive at 10K in under 31 minutes, a pace of less than 5 minutes per mile.
Finish Line

In 2:09:37, Geoffrey Kirui wins the race, 21 seconds before Galen Rupp, with a pace of 4 minutes 57 seconds per mile.

Edna Kiplagat, the first woman of the race, will finish in 2:21:52.
Looking behind him

When Geoffrey Kirui arrives, less than 1,800 persons have reached K30.*
Finishing the race

The last person will arrive in 7:58:14, while 50% of the runners will finish in under 3 hours and 52 minutes.
I run the marathon in hours and minutes

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